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Octocol is a company built around an infinite goal, to create incredible experiences.
Every interaction we have with a tool or product is an experience. The goal of Octocol is to build tools that make these experiences truly incredible.

Whether it's our Octocol OS operating system for life, our briefing on the latest developments in Chinese tech Silicon Roads or the exciting products just around the corner, we place creation above all else.

Every so often we release a product, tool or resource and then continue to make it better. At the same time, we also begin again on something new.

Projects Live

We regularly release new products and features. 

In the pipeline

Our next release will be in August 2020. Stay tuned to see the drop. 

In testing

Most ideas don’t work, but sometimes you don’t know until you give them a go. 

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Years of experience

From messing around with HTML in Coffeecup in the 2000s to clean and compliant React & Node.JS in 2020


Octocol aims to create revolutionary products and experiences by looking at new combinations of industries, disciplines and approaches. We believe our polymathic approach to innovation leads us to our best ideas.


We launch early, experiment and then continue to iterate. Testing assumptions, gathering data and then making changes is how we produce our best work.


We work remotely with collaborators from around the world exploring innovations in regions beyond traditional markets.