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Octocol | A new time economy
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Exchange your time and skills

Time is our most valuable non-renewable resource. We want to help you make the best use of it by changing the way we think about and use our time. Octocol is an economy where business and consumer tasks are matched to individuals with the most appropriate time, skills and location.

Time Coach

We waste too much of our time doing things we don’t enjoy or want to do. At the core of our consumer product is a smart time coach learning from your habits to help you use your time in more meaningful ways aligned with your goals.

Micro-Task Platform

You can turn to Octopus to share small micro-tasks you don’t have the time to complete yourself that can be sent to people who are more conveniently located, more appropriately skilled or have free time.

Tradeable Time

Contribute your time to projects you care about by doing what you’re good at and spending the credits on the time of people with the relevant skills. Zero fees for all transactions.

Privacy First

Information helps to better tailor tasks and the time coach experience. We will only gather and share this with your permission and ensure that you are fairly compensated for anything you share.

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Our mission

Octocol is a platform helping businesses and individuals make the best use of their time. We want to help boost productivity while also helping to delegate tasks to ensure you can spend time doing what you love.


For Businesses

Businesses can tap into a network of smart-connected minds who can complete micro-tasks (consumer feedback, improved peer to peer support etc) through Octocol.


Our Experience

Our team and advisers have experience across industries including with blockchain, the non-profit sector, freelance platforms and machine learning.


The vision of a new protocol for time is ambitious. However, the development Octocol will start with simple tools before expanding to a network that can be used by anyone whether they are. We are also focusing on single regions before attempting to scale anywhere else to help ensure that tasks are able to solve problems in your local community. You can see our progress on the right.
We’re recruiting developers and are also looking to partner with organisations to accelerate our roll-out. Please reach out to a member of our team for more information.

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