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About Us

Octocol builds tools and products to help people live, learn and work better by leveraging the power of creativity and multi-disciplinary innovation. Originally part of Simply Clever, in 2018 Octocol was spun-out by founder Benedict Altier to invest in building tools helping people to work and learn in the AI-powered digital economy of the future.

Target Areas

  • AI-related job disruption
  • Life-long learning and skill acquisition
  • Better gig economy
  • Alternative economies
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Smart Workspaces

Our mission

Octocol aims to create revolutionary products and experiences by looking at new combinations of industries, disciplines and approaches. We believe our polymathic approach to innovation leads us to our best ideas.


Our Process

Experimentation lies at the heart of what we do. We do not expect the vast majority of our projects to succeed. Instead, we experiment with new technologies and concepts to learn what works and doesn’t to continually iterate and improve.


Our Experience

Octocol works with talented people from the UK and around the world to build projects. We are 100% remote and open to collaborations with brands and freelancers.

Contact Us


Our design philosophy is to embrace simplicity and minimalism to make our services as easy to use as possible. We also believe it is vital to embrace accessibility ensuring that as many people as possible are able to use our tools.

Product Development

We have a passion for developing new products both online and offline. We work from the ideation stage to launching and testing prototypes that can be used to demonstrate traction and validate assumptions.


We have significant experience in developing new and interesting ways to promote products. Foremost in our approach is to ensure we create value for our audiences beyond simply trying to sell them on a service.


While we primarily test, develop and launch our own ideas, we also work with companies, non-profits and the public sector to consult on how to improve their products and processes.

Our Companies


We are always working on something new. Building new things takes time but we are always in projects for the long haul. Based on user-feedback and analytics we continually optimise, adapt and improve until we find the perfect formula that solves our target problem.
For a hint at some of the projects still in the early stages of development check out our Test Lab below.

Spaceable Oxford0%

Octocol Economy0%

Octopus Tasks Beta0%

Test Lab

Smart Outdoor Workspace

Improving the experience of working remotely. Biophilic designed workspaces.

Lucid Drinks

Non-alcoholic neutropic artisan drinks brand